SSTV decoded image

"Victor would like this extension

Code C - 3914"


  • This code was hidden in a sound file that can be decrypted via SSTV.
  • The sound can be heard in game by accessing a secret area under a staircase in the Questionable Ethics chapter
  • It is found in the game files as C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\BMS\sound\BMS_scripted\qe\qecode.mp3 (in the 2012 mod release).
  • The metadata for the mp3 lists Dr Horn as a contributing artist.
  • In the Steam release of Black Mesa, which was released on May 5, 2015, it is found in sound\BMS_scripted\qe\qecode.ogg within the ...\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\bms_sounds_misc_###.vpk files.
  • Additional metadata was discovered in the Steam release version of the audio file. In the "Comments" field, the following text was found:
    Oh looky, Dr Horn has gone all open source. HALOS musn't see this, but the password to its area, is those two cryptographer peoples. I think you should get that ok. I'll be in Xen if you need me.

Uses from the clue + potential leadsEdit

  • It was determined that the name "Victor" plus the coin shown are a reference to the VIC Cipher and could be a clue as to the cipher used in the Code D message. A VIC variant called SECOM was also suggested.[1]
  • Eventually, it became clear that the word "extension" was indeed a reference to SECOM—the cipher used in the Code D message—as in "Extension of a VIC Cipher".
    • username : drhorn
    • password: 1001085139140914 (combination of Codes A-D)
  • The comment found in the metadata of the Steam release version appears to be related to a clue found in the the IRC clue 5 solution.


  1. The meaning of the clue was figured out by PanMieszko/PhlOgistOn while on IRC.
SSTV Transmission in Black Mesa Source Files

SSTV Transmission in Black Mesa Source Files