HALOS is a project and an unknown entity that Dr. Horn worked on. Work on the HALOS project is believed to have taken place in the classified X01/X02 labs. It is the subject of the Pizza Code Mystery as pizzas were used to (presumably) transport materials to the HALOS project. At this point, it is still not clear exactly what HALOS is. The prevalent theory is that it is some sort of AI, or that an AI is involved in some way, but it could be something else entirely.

Theories Edit

There are several theories as to what HALOS (or the HALOS project) is and what its purpose is. Some of these theories are listed below.

  • Some form of AI.
  • Given the metal that was transferred by pizzas, the project may be nuclear in nature.
  • Some kind of ultimate-destruction vessel that can wipe out humanity.
  • Some of the contents of the Xen whiteboards seems to indicate that it might have something to do with holograms.
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