You can jump directly to a location in-game by opening up the developer console by pressing the tilde '~' key (the key above the Tab key), typing the map command to load the map, and then the setpos command to jump to the coordinates. Before the setpos command is entered, noclip must be enabled, which requires sv_cheats to be enabled beforehand.


sv_cheats 1
map bm_c2a2c
noclip; setpos -2324 -4856 -6

Entering noclip a second time will toggle the noclip mode off again, and you will drop down to the floor/ground at whatever location you are at.

For the background maps, an additional command must be entered in order to break free from the locked camera position:

sv_cheats 1
map background05
ent_fire point_viewcontrol disable
noclip; setpos 1304 -1024 -153