"Lapis Philosophorum"

(The Philosopher's Stone)
Note: This code was originally referred to as "Message text 2".


C0a1x labboard am6


  • Found on a whiteboard in the chapter Questionable Ethics.
  • Decrypted by a substitution cipher with an unusual symbol set.[1][2]
  • The cipher was originally used in a 1930's pulp series called The Shadow, in a novelette called Chain of Death.[3]

Relation to alchemyEdit

Above the "lapis philosophorum" inscription are alchemy symbols which can be interpreted as:

Gold + Aqua Regia ~ Phlogiston + Water = ? [Do Not Drink]

This is a combination used to dissolve gold.

Relation to ARGEdit

A comment below, presumably left by the puppetmaster, suggests that this is a red herring as far as the ARG is concerned.[4]


Further readingEdit

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