The Pizza Code Mystery ARG Wiki

There are a huge number of monitors throughout the game containing lots and lots of information, some of which may or may not be relevant.


Dr Horn's Pizza

Binary code

Screen with text from a New Scientist article

monitor_screen_on5.vtf (Dr. Sezen's computer screen)


  • The screen texture is stored in Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\BMS\materials\lab\labscreen3.vtf (mod release), Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\bms_textures_dir.vpk -> materials\lab\labscreen3.vtf (Steam release).
  • The same texture has been seen in the Half-Life: Source Ultimate Definition mod [1].
  • Transcript:
This is some important text                       24/2

Actually I just can't think
of anything notable to say,
really. Which I guess is my
fault. Everything is always
my fault, after all!

285 + 252.....
252 - 363
252 - 121


Dr Horn's Cafeteria/Pizza Message[]

  • Seems to be a reference to the location where we discovered Code B.

Binary code[]

  • The binary when translated reads the same as the plaintext - JENN0_BING, MORE NUMBERS with the addition of a line saying 'lol' and one undetermined line.
  • JENN0_BING is one of the dev aliases.


Dr. Sezen's computer monitor[]

  • This monitor was first found in the Steam release of Black Mesa.
  • Dr. Sezen's desk, where the monitor can be found, is located in the common office area where you meet the guard in the QE chapter (map bm_c2a4e at coordinates 775 -1397 417).
  • The screen texture is stored in Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\bms_textures_dir.vpk -> materials/models/props_office/monitor_screen_on5.vtf.
  • A document with the title "Awesumz" can be seen on the screen.
// I heard Dr Horn was on the rampage again. I have an awesum idea, I shall yous my lee7
// programming skillz to send him a batch file wat crashes his computer for like 10 mins.
// That will teach him to keep
// telling me to fix things. Stupid level designers overusing the entities in maps, its not like us coders
// dont warn them about the possible repercussions of overusing things like ambient generics
// how were we supposed to know they would lower the limits in the new sdk base...
// I found another of those odd pizza messages again today, i have a feeling its related to whats
// on the board over yonder, im new though, so maybe its something on going. Going to watch Star
// Trek tonight, s04e03 i think. Should give me some ideas for Code.
@Echo off:crash
goto crash
  • "the board over yonder" might be the c2a4x_labboard15 whiteboard, which is found nearby.
  • The Star Trek episode referenced in the text might be the Star Trek TNG episode s04e03 "Brothers" (transcript).
  • Other items visible on the screen:
    • A HyperTerminal window containing the text: "This is a terminal test."
    • An error message saying: "The Windows password you typed is incorrect."
    • Calculator
    • Phone Dialer
  • If the keyboard by the monitor is used, the monitor bluescreens with an error sound, sparks, catches fire, and eventually a point_message "FIX IT DENIZ!!!" is displayed in front of the monitor.