Chapter SummaryEdit

After escaping from the waste facility in Residue Processing, the player finds himself in a secret part of the facility which is used by the Black Mesa Research Team to research alien specimens from Xen, now known as the Biodome Complex.

The player finds a security guard, who tells him that a scientist with sufficient clearance is needed to operate the retinal scanner that will lead them outside and to the Lambda labs.

At the end of the chapter the player finds three scientists with retinal scanner clearance hiding out in the Autopsy Labs but guarded by a malfunctioning surgical unit. The player must cross the room whilst evading the machine, and reach the control panel on the other side of the room in order to switch it off and clear the path for the scientists who can then open the main lab doors.

(adapted from BMS wiki)

Chapter InfoEdit

  • Throughout this chapter, you can infer that Black Mesa had already been making trips to Xen even before the Resonance Cascade at the beginning of the game.
  • Here you first encounter the Alien Grunt, encased in a glass pod located in the Environmental Hazards Testing Labs (EHT Chamber).
  • Questionable Ethics is the eleventh chapter of Black Mesa
  • The player travels through the various laboratories encountering the aftermath of the HECU marines cleansing operation.

In this chapter the player discovers the Tau cannon within the Optronics Laboratories (Lab D) after a security guard overcharges it, killing himself and a scientist whilst blowing out a section of wall to enable to enter the otherwise sealed area.

What's it got to do with the ARG?Edit

  • All three codes and both cipher texts have been discovered in this chapter
  • The chapter was designed by Chris Horn