The Pizza Code Mystery ARG Wiki

Stormseeker often puts mysterious emoji and messages in his Discord status. Many of these are clearly directed at ARG players, and, as a result, will set the current topic of discussion and drive the discussion forward, often in new directions. Sometimes they hint at something new that is yet to be discovered. Other times they draw the ARG players' attention towards something that may or may not contain further ARG clues. Often, the messages will remain in place until they have been noted and discussed by ARG players, or their meaning have been discovered to a greater or lesser degree. Sometimes the status will change in response to things that come up in the chat.

Below is a chronological list of some of these status messages. The dates are the dates when the status messages were recorded, and are not necessarily the exact dates when they were set.

September 5, 2020[]

:Myon: Xn+1=RXn(1-Xn)

September 6, 2020[]

:blobowodemon: The Places Demon

October 26, 2020[]

Et in Arcadia ego.
  • This was set a few days prior to the release of the 1.5 Definitive Edition update to the public-beta branch. Some time later, an obelisk with letters spelling "ARCADIAN" written on it was found in one of the background maps (background16).
  • The literal translation of "Et in Arcadia Ego" is "Even in Arcadia, there am I".
  • "Et in Arcadia ego" is the name of a renaissance painting.
  • Arcadia is a region in ancient Greece, which is the home of Polybius, the creator of "the Polybius square".
  • Arcadia also refers to a vision of a utopian land characterized by pastoralism and harmony with nature.

November 23, 2020[]

:AsuraGate: OuO

This was set after one of the final betas for Black Mesa: Definitive Edition was released on November 22, 2020, and signaled that a major change had happened on the gate in Dr. Horn's secret lair.

December 30, 2020[]

:BlueCrystal: A world in a grain of sand.

This is a quote from "Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake.

January 18, 2021[]

:OrangeCrystal: A grain of sand in a world,

January 23, 2021[]

:GreenCrystal: Clouded eyes see only shadows.

January 27, 2021[]

:PurpleCrystal: Before me things create were none...

January 29, 2021[]

:BlackCrystal: 38°36'19.45"N 27°25'26.75"E Atys

February 2, 2021[]

:WhiteCrystal: In the Wood between Worlds.

April 21, 2021[]

🔅 Sector 4 - Site 8

This was set a few days prior to the "leak" of the Xen Museum hub map and the subsequent release of the full version of the Xen Museum on the Workshop. "Sector 4 - Site 8" is a reference to the "Gonarch's Lair" biome, which is one of three biomes in the Xen Museum. In this biome, there are three portals identical to the portal in Dr. Horn's Xen Lair.

October 24, 2021[]

:rolestrikemissions: 2, 8, 18, 12, 1 (+?) ⟁
  • The numbers were found to be the electron shell configuration of niobium.
  • The triangle was interpreted as being a reference to the fact that we exist in a simulation (or game world) where everything is made up of triangles.
  • A possible interpretation of the status message: Portal Niobium (+Exotic Matter) Simulation