This page is dedicated to listing any clues that have been found within the Steam release version of the game--Storm mentioned that part of our effort should go into searching in this release for clues to assist with the ARG.

I personally suggest posting whatever you may think is important, and if it's deemed that those clues are housed elsewhere, then we can always simply edit them as necessary by linking them to their proper areas on the wiki or excluding them. In my opinion, it's beneficial to include whatever one may come across whilst playing the game (no matter how insignificant it may seem), and then we can weed out (as a team) those clues that can be found elsewhere on the wiki--e. g. the "Pizza is a LIE" message coordinates which already have their own page. Furthermore, I ask that you please check the clues listed on this page prior to posting your own findings, if only to prevent duplicating data we already have. Other than that, have fun in Black Mesa and use this resource to post what you uncover!