An effort to compile data about the theories and what not discovered on the whiteboards throughout the "Questionable Ethics" chapter of BMS. Anyone is welcome to add to what I've discovered so far, and please feel free to correct any goofs I may have made.

You can find images of the whiteboards discussed here

As of now, it has been determined that the whiteboards have revealed to us all that they can, and that pursuing this page further would be a waste of time. "Code_", one of the members on quakechat that recently joined, is extremely knowledgeable about many of the depictions on the whiteboards. He has taken a close look at each board and determined that each refers to its respective area of the labs . . . and nothing more. Although they are not related to the ARG, the whiteboards and the theorems therein ARE a testament to the incredible amount of effort the developers of BMS put into the environments to create an immersive experience for us all. Stormseeker obviously put a lot of research and effort into the whiteboards, even though he must have assumed the average Joe gamer wouldn't have paid more than a brief glance at each, and it shows. Good news for him--with the ARG rearing its head, a lot more of his work and the work of the other developers involved will hit the limelight.

All of that said, I will keep this page of the wiki in its current state until the ARG is either solved or it is determined that the whiteboards have more knowledge to offer us. Until then, feel free to edit this page should you feel so inclined, and good luck to all of you! "The meat- and sauce-covered circle of doughy delight is a fallacy!"

The Big One -- Yet UnsolvedEdit

C2a4x labboard1


The Dr. Bottomley / Dr. Horn Whiteboard

This whiteboard is the one with the notorious lines of code on it. Except for basically explaining in black and white (literally) how to activate the large laser at the end of the level, it makes a couple of references:

  1. 1.21 GW is a reference to the amount of electricity needed to power the DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future
  2. There is a scribble by Dr. Horn: "'DO NOT WIPE BOARD! --DR. HORN"'
  4. v = f λ is written on the top-left half of the board. It is a reference to sinusoidal wavelengths and the equation explains how the constant velocity (v) of a wave (also referred to as the "phase speed" of the wave) is equal to the frequency (f) of the wave times the wavelength (λ) of the wave.

Cannon DiagramEdit

C2a4x labboard2
The Accelerated Lepton Optronic Linearity Cannon

Ain't that a mouthful? Anyway, this board appears to break down the laser cannons that are found throughout the lab--the ones necessary to completing the final laser puzzle. The schematic is pretty detailed, and there are a few interesting equations on the board. Boy, doesn't that lambda look familiar? Anyway, here's what this board has to offer:

  1. Another signature by Mr. Horn: "DO NOT WIPE BOARD! --DR. HORN"
  2. The equation encased by a yellow cloud is the equation for (drumroll!) a half-life! In other words, the half-life (t1/2) of the decaying quantity is equal to the natural log of 2 (ln2) which is equivalent to 0.693 divided by the decay constant (λ) of the decaying quantity; or t1/2 = ln2 / λ
  3. The line-graph with the solid, red and dashed lines is an explanation of the Sunyaev-Zel'Dovich effect (SZE) on a cosmic microwave background (CMB) spectrum. To put a long story short, it's explaining how the SZE (solid line) increases the CMB (red line) at higher frequencies--although it lowers the CMB at lower frequencies--thus making it possible to view galaxies in a stronger light. In other words, CMB is radiation that floats around in space, and by measuring it scientists can get a better picture of where things lie. The SZE is especially useful because it can be measured to determine how far away things are from Earth by using proportional data gathered from SZE signatures. The dashed line is probably just there to show the correlation / slope of the graph.
  4. The formula under the line-graph, kBTe / mec2, is a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution in which "the kinetic energy distribution of electrons, ions and neutrals" is observed. The equation shown here is one derivation of the equations needed to calculate the temperatures of the involved particles--this one is used to calculate the temperature of the electron in the distribution. The formula to calculate the temperature for the ion is similar, and is "kBTi / mec2". These formulas are generally used to determine how much kinetic energy is dissipated into thermal energy.
  5. The diagram is of the actual ingame weapon Tau Cannon
  6. The title could be an acronym for A LOL cannon.

Alchemy boardEdit

"Lapis Philosophorum"

(The Philosopher's Stone)

Discovery / Decryption Edit

C0a1x labboard am6



  • Found on a whiteboard in the chapter Questionable Ethics
  • Decrypted by a substitution cipher with an unusual symbol set
  • Originally used in a 1930's comic called 'The Shadow'

Relation to alchemyEdit

Above the "lapis philosophorum" inscription are alchemy symbols which can be intererpted as:

Gold + Aqua Regia ~ Phlogiston + Water = ? [Do Not Drink]

This is a combination used to dissolve gold. Relation to ARG is unknown.