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  • Description of data found on whiteboards: Whiteboard Theories
  • Throughout the game there are numerous whiteboards with various things written on them.
  • Two of these whiteboards have been determined to contain cipher messages, c2a4x_labboard1 and c0a1x_labboard_am6.
  • The files are valve texture files (.vtf) stored in bms_textures_dir.vpk -> materials\lab for the earthbound whiteboards, and bms_textures_dir.vpk -> materials\xen\lab for the Xen whiteboards. The bms_textures_dir.vpk file is located in <Steam library folder>\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms and can be opened using GCFScape. The .vtf files can be easily opened and converted to standard graphic formats using VTFedit.
  • In the 2012 legacy mod version, the earthbound whiteboards are stored in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\BMS\materials\lab.
  • The filenames for the earthbound whiteboards are all in the format <map number>_labboard<ID>, where the ID's are sometimes a reference to the chapter names (_am# = Anomalous Materials, _uc# = Unforeseen Consequences, or sometimes a purely numerical reference.)
  • The filenames for the Xen whiteboards are in the format xen_labboards_<chapter name><map number>_<NN>.

Earthbound Whiteboard Gallery[]

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